Painful Lessons

1 Sins of a Solar Spymaster

62: The Crisis of the Northern Coalition

TMC Archives 2011-05-24

Vale of the Silent has fallen, Geminate is long-lost, Majesta Empire and RAGE (for their sake, I have helpfully eliminated no less than four periods in their alliance name) are in retreat, evacuating to Tribute,  the bastion of Morsus Mihi…

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51: Goonswarm Implodes

TMC Archives 2010-08-31

The next topic in our ‘Painful Lessons’ series hits a little closer to home; if I’m going to be writing about the catastrophic and stupid screwups that have rocked nullsec politics over the past few years, I can’t escape the…

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50: Atlas Routed

TMC Archives 2010-08-23

The essence of wisdom is learning from the mistakes of others. It’s one thing to hurt yourself and learn not to do the same thing again, it’s a far superior thing to determine what to do/not to do based off…

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31: Lessons from a Failed Invasion

TMC Archives 2009-11-01

Invasions are one of the more common events in nullsec, yet they are always the focus of intense interest, captivating the attention of the playerbase. The vast majority of invasions fail, with the aggressing alliance falling afoul of the defender’s…