Nullsec Blackout

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NRDS, Blackout, and the Vibrancy of NullSec

Erasmus Grant 2019-08-05

CCP recently began efforts to take EVE into an ‘Era of Chaos’. Part of this is aimed at breaking up the stagnation in nullsec with measures like the Blackout. But nullsec is not a uniform, featureless plain, and the Blackout…

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Why the Nullsec Blackout Won’t Fix EVE

Arrendis 2019-07-15

After Downtime on Friday, Jul 12, nullsec went dark. The Nullsec Blackout is a period of ‘undetermined’ duration, during which Local chat will function in ‘delayed mode’. This means that until a character enters text into Local, they will not…

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Local Blackout Scheduled, CCP Already Inconsistent

Arrendis 2019-07-10

Nullsec is going dark. At downtime on Friday, July 12, CCP will be enacting the ‘Nullsec Blackout’, an attempt to shake things up in null and see what happens. The outage is a test, first announced in a Scope video…