2 Eve Online

My First Year In Nullsec

Elthar Nox 2022-01-06

Sometimes you have to take a risk, make that jump and dive into a new start. For me, 2021 was the year I would leap into in Nullsec. Like many others, I had been watching World War Bee 2 from…

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I, Newbie: III

TMC Archives 2016-03-19

The following offering is the third in a series of articles intended to showcase the powerful potential of having an open mind while exploring EVE online as a brand new player. During the course of this project I will be…

0 Warframe

Warframe: Preparation

TMC Archives 2014-06-10

It is widely agreed that poor planning leads to poor performance. Warframe is no exception to this rule. How your mission unfolds is determined largely before you even launch it. Picking the right frame and weapons is the first step…