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Propaganda, Bias and Media: The Truth About Truth.

Mischa Gau'ss Tesla 2017-08-24

Truth: A concept that describes a state of reality of something, the fact that that thing is true. What does it mean? Can an article be true? Can any fact be, in reality, a fact? It is common nowadays to find…

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Vince Draken appears on the Talking In Stations Show

TMC Archives 2016-04-23

The latest Talking In Stations show was a great surprise as Vince Draken and Grath Telkin came by to discuss everything from the current war to politics and behavior. The two talked with the show’s panel for three hours. Vince…

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Open Comms co-host Steps Down

TMC Archives 2016-01-01

The Open Comms Show show took the New Year’s slot this year for The Mittani Media, broadcasting for six hours to usher in the midnight hour for the US timezones. Hosts (and corpmates) BigCountry (BC), Dirk MacGirk, and Dreydan Trovirr…

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77: On Accountability

TMC Archives 2012-02-04

At this year’s Fanfest Alliance Panel, I drank myself into a stupor and said something I deeply regret. After sobering up and discovering what I had said, I did my best to apologize to the player I insulted. I made…

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52: Rise of the Independent Media

TMC Archives 2010-09-26

When CCP turned the EVE servers on back in 2003, the only source of out-of-game communication among players was the official Eve Online forums, a heavily-regulated community watched over by the CCP-sanctioned moderators. As the years went by, certain segments…