IT Alliance

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58: The Fall of IT Alliance

TMC Archives 2011-02-26

The unthinkable has happened: our adversaries of the Great War, the core corporations which once formed Band of Brothers – the same corporations which laid the foundation of IT Alliance – have schismed, splitting apart into factions amid a storm…

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41: Galaxy in Flames

TMC Archives 2010-03-28

Wretched peace has plagued New Eden for months, and if we are lucky that will soon come to an end. Spring is upon us, and with that a new crop of wars are just beginning to blossom across the galaxy….

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37: War is a Force That Gives Us Meaning

TMC Archives 2010-01-21

At last, war has returned to Delve. We may look back on the past week and say that this was the beginning of the Third Great War, or we may end up merely smirking and giggling and making one of…

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36: All Bugged Up

TMC Archives 2010-01-11

Dominion! A galaxy full of war! Large scale conflicts in every major sector, TCUs and SBUs popping up all across New Eden, fleets and supercapitals exploding and dying in appropriately dramatic ways! It’s a pity that the servers are horrifically…