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CCP’s Roadmap to 2016

David Matterall 2015-12-24

CCP is on course to see an influx of players this spring thanks to Valkyrie and the Citadel expansion, among other factors. EVE Online could benefit greatly if CCP’s preparations and calculations work out. New players from the virtual reality…

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TMC Archives 2015-05-18

Dust 514 celebrated its second birthday on May 14th, and to celebrate CCP has awarded all its newsletter subscribers a 7-day Active Omega Booster. Dust 514 has come a long way over the past two years, with a multitude of…

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Dust 514: CPM – An Open Address to the Community

TMC Archives 2013-08-14

The first Council of Planetary Management (CPM0) recently posted a joint statement on the DUST 514 forums concerning the state of the game and the communication (or lack thereof) between CCP, the CPM, and the community. Their thought-out and detailed…