Black Hole

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Space News Update April 2019: Black Hole Imaged, Falcon Heavy Works, Israeli Lander Crashes

Rhiannon Williams 2019-04-14

This time spacefans we have the excitement of an image of a black hole, some rocket science, and the sad demise of a spacecraft. FIRST EVER PICTURE OF A BLACK HOLE Following on from the discovery of gravitational waves, scientists…

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Science: Gravity and Dimensions

Roudin 2018-12-07

The cosmic force of gravity has been a hot topic the last few years thanks to a few big Hollywood movies. Two recent studies, though, may have delivered a blow to the theories surrounding extra dimensions that we can’t see,…

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Space News Update: June 2017

Rhiannon Williams 2017-06-03

This time space fans we’re looking at the Juno mission to Jupiter, failed supernovas and a wobbly moon! The New Jupiter “We knew, going in, that Jupiter would throw us some curves, But now that we are here we are…