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EVE is Dead, Long Live EVE!

Kor Anon 2020-03-04

After a nine year absence, I came back. Back to the first MMO to which I ever committed; the first MMO that grabbed all my attention and demanded it, because if you only half played you’d get popped, scammed, or…

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EVE Echoes: Are Our Expectations Too High?

Sovereign 2020-03-02

EVE – the name implies grand battles, underhanded politics, theft, betrayal, espionage, literally everything you could expect from any real world governments. That is just how deep EVE Online can be. With players being as patriotic about their corps and…

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I, Newbie: III

TMC Archives 2016-03-19

The following offering is the third in a series of articles intended to showcase the powerful potential of having an open mind while exploring EVE online as a brand new player. During the course of this project I will be…

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Submission 2016-03-15

EVE Is Not Fun EVE is the toughest game I’ve ever played. Consequently, I always found it one of the most rewarding; it is equal parts elation of success and soul-crushing loss, wrapped up in a pretty space opera package….