In Curse on 2015-08-01 22:00 some serious shit happened in Jamunda. Imperium alliance The Initiative. <Init.> ambushed a move fleet of Northern Coalition <NC.> suitcase carriers. For those who are unfamiliar, a suitcase carrier is when all the valuable stuff you want to move is stuffed inside a carrier (or supercarrier) in order to both keep it safe and minimize the travel time and number of trips needed. The trap sprung and moments after massive stockpiles of valuable commodities were lost to INIT.

Some of the more noteworthy kills included this fancy Archon with Dank Purp mods in it’s cargo.



This Avatar attempted to escape only to die horrible in the neighboring system of Litom.



This Ragnarok was anhilated along with several other high value targets.



Hawk Firebird was the FC for the subcaps in the NCdot move fleet and he had this to say.

TMC > Can you tell me what happened in your own words?
hawk firebird > init an co hade a setup a trap for us in jarmunda on litom gate knowing that was likly where we would move captials to form litom, an our captials got cought in the trap thy made, still not sure how maby dictors was logged of there but i guss 14

TMC > Do you think that anything could have been done differently to avoid this trap?
hawk firebird > yer hade a 100 man sub cap fleet insted of around the 40 i hade would likly have made a difrence but as fare as traps was it was a good one an the fact that we did save a few caps but making the call for them to jump back to litom out of the hics an dictors range an having support moveing in there to help clear them out was likly the best call i could have made

TMC > How did INIT know about your plans to move?
hawk firebird > how thy know well like every alliance in this game
hawk firebird > spys

Sister Bliss, FC for the attacking fleet has these comments to share…

TMC > Can you tell me in your own words what happened?
Sister Bliss > We were out looking for some stuff to kill when we got intel NC. was moving a skirmish fleet towards Catch direction.

TMC > Did this intel come from a spy?
Sister Bliss > No, we had a scout in Delve/Q who saw them

Sister Bliss > We were curious what they were doing, so tracked them as they came through Curse where we saw them headed for Curse directtion. Another scout also saw some activcity in Litom where they had prevuouskly evacced so throught there was a chance they were coming to extrfact anyone who had not moved. So we prepped for that possibility.

TMC > Do you think they could have done anything to change the outcome of this encounter? Did they stand a chance?
Sister Bliss > No they had no chance. They dd one of our dreads but the rest were rabbits in headlights

TMC > Is there anything else that you would like to add?
Sister Bliss > unfortunatley the aeon got bumped and manged to get out the bubble and jump. Some of their caps made it back to the gate and jumped but we managed to get them bubbled in litom and come in and finisht the job. PL and Darkness were apparently forming so we made the job quick and painless.

The reddit ruse cruise has already set sail and more information will follow as it becomes available

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