State of the Best Squad: Welp Squad December 2017 Edition


December Action

Stevinz and the Fozzie Claws

Having recently transferred to the Brothers in Arms Alliance, Stevinz took the leap from expert hunter to FC. Using his nefarious ability to sniff out AFK ratters, Stevinz has begun to pad the Welp Squad killboards with countless VNIs within the “sanctuary” of the Pandemic Horde C4C-Z4 ratting pocket. Starting slowly as not to feed the Hordlings, Stevinz has repeatedly put a dent in those ratting figures in the last bastion of safety Pandemic Horde thinks they still own. Take a look at the juicy links:

  1. Ooh, look there’s also rattlers…
  2. Looks like they’ve shipped down.
  3. Alright, so you can’t catch claws, at least PH can catch frigates

To top off the kills, it was reported that the Pandemic Horde defense fleets were told to withdraw as they couldn’t catch our band of elite pilots.

Clavo and the kill squad

As most of Pure Blind and Fade is now a ghost town, due in no small part to Clavo’s and his kill squad, the roams have reduced in number. I’ve picked out the juiciest kill of the month that I can quickly find and it pretty much sums up the state of PH. Gaining access to the ratters beyond the C4C-Z4 bubble camp is difficult, and resulted in Stevinz forming the Fozzie Claws. Clavo also has to look after his puppy and is managing to avoid being diagnosed with Gaming Addiction Disorder. Havish, on the other hand…

Havish Montak and his White Whale

The hunt for those Rorquals goes on. Having returned from the UK, Havish got it in his head that he could abuse the NC and PL renters/carebears that live in Tribute, Vale of the Silent, Venal and Tenal. Was he wrong? Hell no! Havish formed his WelpCanes, and powered up to Tribute via a wormhole. Rorquals were tackled left, right and center. NC dropped supers and titans in the same manner. Havish, not one to welp unceremoniously, would abandon the Rorqual and move onto the next. Soon the response force had too much fatigue and the whole of Vale and Tribute was closed to ISK generation of any sort. But it gets better: things like this were occurring throughout the regions. The enemy was feeding heavy tackle, but not the capitals that Havish was seeking. Havish, frustrated by the lack of a capital kills, formed the next day to repeat the jaunt.

In the three-hour journey around the hostile universe, we snagged:

  1. A Niddhoggur
  2. A Moros
  3. An Archon on the blades of grass keepstar (video is here)

On January 1, Havish led yet another roam into Tribute and Vale of the Silent. Rorquals were sighted in Q-L07F. Havish engaged with the Welp Canes, and was promptly driven off. Knowing that the enemy was mining everywhere over confidently Havish took the fleet to the next pocket in YXIB-I, spawning the same response force…

Quickly nipping out of YXIB-I and into MY-T2P to another tackled Rorqual, Havish harpooned his whale. Having managed to place a cyno inhibitor on the grid due to the bad fitting skills of the Rorqual pilot, the whale’s fate was sealed, and it was slaughtered under the watchful gaze of an NC titan and super fleet who were bogged down by jump timers, cyno inhibitors, and a lack of perches to cyno in on. The fleet cheered and proceeded to roam into Mercenary Coalition space.

A whale was sighted and tackled in W-QA5. Unfortunately, our tactic of making perches allowed the Rorqual to jump out as soon as its industry mode cycled down. The fleet, now under half strength, was trapped by an MC Ferox fleet that proceeded to annihilate us to the last man. They even made a Reddit post about it. Havish did not take too kindly to this sort of drivel and proceeded to exact revenge in a timely manner. Havish and Clavo both wondered where MC had crawled to and didn’t realize they were now full NC renter pets. The eyes of Welp Squad remain on Horde Land for now but as the content is thinning Mercenary Coalition have certainly piqued the interest of Welp Sqaud for some punishment.

State of the Welp Squad


New doctrines are in the pipeline for the squad aimed at getting alpha pilots into the high-DPS ships required to down whales before the titan and supercarrier spawns appear.


Welp Squad is always open for recruitment with no entry requirements. We aim to fly alpha and newbro-friendly ships and teach you combat on the fly. Prepare for fun and plenty of kills. If you want to FC, hunt, scout or have intel for Welp Squad Leadership, contact Havish Montak, Stevinz or Clavo Oxidado to get the space red tape sorted.

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  • DragonZer0

    Sounds like tons of fun. Much more so then a helpless excavatior drone.

    January 9, 2018 at 10:52 PM