Submission 2016-04-26

Region: Black Rise

System: Vaaralen

On April 24, at 16:31 EVE time, Snuffed Out, with some help from Project Mayhem, awoxed an Erebus, Aeon and Nyx belonging to Shadow Cartel. The controversial kills are surrounded by anger, excitement and have caused an uproar amongst multiple alliances within lowsec entities and the Money Badger Coalition.

The two alliances, Snuffed Out and Shadow Cartel, are far from being friends, but were allied with one another due to the current war against the Imperium. The three Shadow Cartel super capitals were moving back to their staging and used a Snuffed Out POS for safety as a midpoint to their next destination. As the titan and two supercarriers sat snug in the Snuffed Out POS, a fleet of Snuffed Out and Project Mayhem supercapitals, capitals and battleships were on standby in Nalvula just incase something went wrong. However, instead of helping Shadow Cartel with their move, a split-second decision was made to kill them instead. The POS was offlined and with no shields around the POS, Snuffed Out jumped in their entire fleet and kill the supercaps one by one.

The Big Black Wedding

Snuffed Out destroyed nearly 200B ISK, including the three super capitals and the subcapital ships belonging to the titan pilot, while losing one Moros and a Devoter. The awox sent shockwaves through EVE Online and Reddit immediately jumped on the case, both praising them for the kills and pointing fingers at Snuffed Out, portraying them as backstabbers.

It has even caused much internal drama for Snuffed Out, as some members were completely against the trap and felt terrible for being a part of it. 3MIN, a corporation within Snuffed Out, has used the betrayal as their ticket out of the alliance and will be leaving within the next few days. 3MIN was already on the edge and stated, “this was just the straw to break the camel’s back.” Looking at it now, it only took three minutes (3MIN) for the three supercaps to fall. Coincidence? I think not!

However, multiple members of Snuffed Out agreed that this awoxing was justified to keep lowsec from becoming what nullsec has become–a blue donut. They believe that the war is pretty much over against the Imperium and there was no reason to hold blue standings with an alliance who is hated and hates Snuffed Out.

After the incident D0nnieDark0 of Snuff Box stated this to take responsibility for the incident:

It was initially thrown around as a joke to gank Paquito’s titan in the command channel. Long story short he’s a knob with a bitter hatred towards Snuff. He’s been extremely difficult to work with for various reasons. Furthermore it was meant to be a fuck you for the SC/OSS DDoS campaign during the placid war.

Nobody disagreed and I did nothing to stop it. In that respect I take full responsibility for the act, everyone part of ‘The big black wedding’ was merely following orders. I pushed for a super SRP with the contractor so nobody has lost any isk and we haven’t done anything illegal like DDoS or RL threats etc.

People complaining about burning bridges. Why the fuck do we even have bridges with SC. Paq is literally cancer. I’m not in the friend making business, snuff has never been in the friend making business. If you want to go around being blue to everyone and shaking dicks go join another alliance seriously. We look after people that give us respect and in return we look after them AKA RDRAW and project mayhem. If you want to play a game where you login and shake people’s dicks go join Bastion or someone else.

If you think we were ‘invited’ to this war you are out of the loop mate. We started this war, do you know how many people told me not to fight CFC when they came to lowsec? every single one of the assholes that dogpiled in once we got the ball rolling and nuked them out of lowsec. We brought c02 to the table with a number of key battles, which we orchestrated. every single time our ‘friends’ brought shitty doctrines to ‘help’. Like Grath and his maelstrom fleet.

Long story short I take full responsibility and openly send my apologies to anyone that feels hard done by or involved. This was a one off act against someone many of us dislike and it is not something that will be repeated. In our however many year running as a corp and alliance snuff has never done a such act. So you can be sure it won’t happen again.

Let’s look forward to shooting nerds rather than looking to shake dicks with people. I login for fun, I don’t live and breathe eve online so you won’t catch me doing anything but dunking nerds.

While there is no clear justification for killing the blue super capitals, it has definitely done a great job at shaking things up a bit for lowsec alliances. Who knows, we may even see a reaction from Shadow Cartel in the near future. Shadow Cartel has stated that IWI has already reimbursed them 190B ISK to replace the ships and that the “bridge was burned for nothing.” To be honest, it was a pretty thin bridge anyway and both alliances seemed to hate being blue to one another. Time to take off the gloves!


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