Dev Post: New vulnerability timer for structures


CCP Fozzie just released a short feature update on the Eve Online forums. The upcoming change consists of making all structures vulnerable for 15 minutes right after launching in space, before the 24h of anchoring process. Coming out in October with the Lifeblood expansion, the refineries mechanics raised a lot of questions and concerns, and this new repair timer is meant to reduce risk-free ninja dropping on profitable moons.

There shall only be one

The concern about ninja dropping is that, as there can only be one refinery per moon on the mining spot, some groups would drop refineries on the spot even if unable to defend them. This would then force their opponents to wait for 24h before being able to shoot it down and replace it. And we say 24 hours… per level of Strategic index, so up to 144h in maxed systems!

The new 15 minutes timer is meant to allow the space holder (or any opponent around) to kill the bird in the egg. Note that it will also affect the use of citadels as advanced bases in conflicts, as they will now all be destroyable even before they are anchored.

The new cycle of anchoring for citadels is now, with the new timer in bold:

-> Drag structure into space
-> Choose name, profile and vulnerability schedule
-> 15 minute repair (vulnerable)
-> 24hr anchoring
-> 15 minute repair (vulnerable)
-> Online

Future and confessions

This change should hit Sisi in the next few days. Will it be enough to avoid ninja dropping? Is it long enough? Only time will tell and we are waiting to see how this mechanic will be used.

CCP Fozzie finishes his post with this short note:

Important: I want to make it clear that we don’t consider this to be the only issue with Upwell structure vulnerability mechanics. We are aware of and agree with the frustrations many players are expressing with the general Upwell structure vulnerability mechanics being too heavily weighted towards defenders and not providing enough options for interaction in the attacker’s time zones. We absolutely intend to make changes to these areas in the future, and will be continuing the dialogue with the CSM and eventually with the wider playerbase.

More changes to come for citadels and vulnerability, as CCP seems to try and listen to the community. Knowing CCP is aware that the mechanics need improvement is good. We now hope the future changes will be the right ones.

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  • Antony Yorksman

    seems like at good start

    September 7, 2017 at 6:58 PM
  • Froggy Storm

    I’m not convinced it will make much difference. It feels like any ninja worth their salt will have plenty of time to drop and clear that timer before eyes on the field can rage ping a fleet to kill it.

    Not to mention if you had eyes on field or on grid when the structure got there, kill the HAULER. Maybe a better plan would be to scram and web the person dropping the structure for the 15 min. That or I hope that first rep timer has a low enough damage point that a dessy or t1 something can pause it.

    September 7, 2017 at 7:32 PM
    • Axhind Froggy Storm

      Should add a ping to the space holder and probably be a bit longer. Every time CCP introduces a single ship mechanic (see fozzie sov) it goes to hell. Either bring a fleet or go play hello kitty online.

      September 8, 2017 at 5:25 AM
      • Carvj94 Axhind

        I think having the pre anchor timer affected by the sov index would be better. Maybe an extra 5 or so minutes per index level. Free intel is a bit too powerful like with ye ol POS anchoring pings. If someone brings a decent fleet to anchor their egg and the owners don’t notice I’d say they they didn’t really need that moon. It’s hard for locals to miss a spike so lived in systems should be fine in this case.

        you don’t live in that system you shouldn’t get Intel on It in my opinion.

        September 8, 2017 at 6:02 AM
        • Axhind Carvj94

          You can’t own sov unless you live there so that is not an issue. Problem is a single ship sneaking in and dropping a structure. Noticing something and reacting inside those 15 minutes is absurdly difficult and is once again CCP going full retard on the small gang bullshit.

          They should have to bring a fleet to defend thing thing and having a ping show up for defenders together with a bit longer timer would make sure they actually need to defend.

          September 8, 2017 at 3:06 PM
          • Carvj94 Axhind

            That’s what I mean about extending that time with your index. Cause a full index would make that timer go up 75 minutes if they used the 5 per level like I suggested. Could go a bit farther and make it show on the overview during the extended pre anchor.

            September 8, 2017 at 4:50 PM