On Monday, in Sarum Prime, many capsuleers gathered together to hold a memorial service to show their respect for their late Empress Jamyl I who was so publically and brutally assasinated on Friday by a drifter force. A senior clergywoman named Alizabeth Amalath from the Order of Jamyl held the ceremony for the faithful at 18:00. What followed was a very emotionally moving, dignified and respectful outporing of grief and love over the tragic passing of a young woman who was loved by so many Amarrians. The followers then travelled to Safizon, the system where the Empress was murdered, where several of them, including Alizabeth Amalath comitted ritual suicide of their ships and pods, but not before giving their crew members the chance to to disembark if they so wished.  She very kindly gave TMC a full transcript of the ceremony which those faithful who could not attend may read at their lesiure well as an exclusive interview we will begin with.


A grieving Alizabeth Amalath

TMC: Many capsuleers heard about the memorial today to the Late Empress Jamyl Sarum I, it was sent out all across New Eden. I understand many many faithful followers attended the event.

TMC: It seemed to be a fitting, yet solemn occassion after a terrible event. May I ask what prompted you?

Alizabeth: “Well, there was always going to be a funeral.  There will be a full state funeral for her on Amarr Prime soon, I believe, but in this case, given that so many of us were with he at her death, it was very important for our own faith, our own grief to have a funeral for capsuleers.  The clergy are the sheppherds in the darkness and her majesty’s passing made things very dark indeed.  As one of the more senior clergywomen among the faithful capsuleers, I took the lead to ensure that we had a service and I hope that it has helped the faithful in these troubled times.”

TMC: It looked very much as if many, many people were moved by the words I heard you speak. I confess I am Minmatar, hoever I nevertheless found I was touched by sincerity.

TMC: Whilst I can, naturally feel empathy to anyone who loses someone they revere as a leader and inspiration to a nation

Alizabeth: “Thank you.  This was probably the most difficult mass I have ever put together and I am glad that people came and found meaning.  I am also going to say that your race doesn’t matter.  All  those that step into the light will be saved by His grace.  That was one point that her Majesty always made.”

TMC: Could you please explain to those who perhaps do not share your faith, love & trust in someone they may have doubts about? Her claim on the throne? IS SHE alive somewhere?

Alizabeth: “I had hoped and prayed that what I saw was wrong and that her Majesty was still alive somehow, but in my prayers and meditation, I am now confident that her death was all part of God’s plan.  So, I don’t expect I will see her again in my lifetime.”

TMC: Your mass was from the heart.

TMC: However

Alizabeth: “That is the only way I know how to preach.”

TMC: You went to Safizon, with other capsuleers

TMC: And immolated yourselves and your ships in her memory. May I ask why?

TMC: Again, it was very moving, but why?

Alizabeth: “Ritualistic suicide has a long history in the Amarr Empire.  It’s not something that is widely practiced, but is rooted in the faith, see the Shathol’Syn.  For my part, I was the commander of the logistics wing of one of the loyalist fleets.  There is a feeling of failure, of loss, of grief, that she was our leader and we should have died protecting her.  I am sure that others feel the same.  I know not all of my crew chose to abandon ship and I know other members of Kerri Kane’s paladin did not abandon either.  But, we capsuleers do not have the luxury of dying a perminent death and have to carry on and continue on the path her Majesty has set for us.”
TMC: We could all see that you gave your crews the chance to leave your ships.

TMC: Do mind me asking how you see your future now that your Empress is no longer here?

Alizabeth: “For the time being, I am going to be setting up a new religious order, The Order of Jamyl.  Hopefully, soon we will change that to the order of Saint Jamyl.  We already have one chapel in construction in Amarr and will more, I hope.  We’ll keep her memory, her inspiration and what she stood for.  We will also look for her return, but I don’t expect that for a long, long time.
As far as the Empire goes, we will have succession trials and a new Emperor will be inaugurated.  And they will be our leader.  Her Majesty’s death, while tragic is not the death knell of the Empire.  We are still strong.”

TMC: Will your organization be part of the succession trials?

TMC: I assume you support House Sarum, but are there any other candidates you favour?

Alizabeth: “That remains to be seen; I think that it’s too soon to be making that decision on my or my order’s participation.  I am actually Kadorian.  My brother is a Holder on Kador Prime III, so I would expect that he wants me to fight for Lord Kador.  To be honest, these are not decisions I am really thinking about.  We still have not buried her Majesty, so ask me again after that.”

TMC: I respect your need to grieve for your lost leader. I hope we may speak again at a later time as the succession trials loom closer.

Alizabeth: “Of course.”

TMC: Many thanks for allowing me to speak to you at this difficult time.

Alizabeth: “Thank you.”


In Memoriam

Utari Onzo > Lords, Ladies, loyal Imperial subjects
Luckdragon82 > o7
Utari Onzo > Today is the day we hold mass for the funeral of Her Majesty Jamyl Sarum I.
Utari Onzo > Bishop Alizebeth Amalath will be the celebrant for this evening, and I invite you all to join me in thanks for her taking on of this solemn duty.Fredo Nadd > salutare to all who gather to pay respect to oure holyness
Utari Onzo > This mass is being streamed across the cluster in the channel Funeral Mass Stream so if you would like to connect via your neocom please do so.
Utari Onzo > I now hand over the ceremony to Bishop Amalath.
Alizebeth Amalath > /emote takes a deep breath before speaking ““Réquiem ætérnam dona eis, Dómine; et lux perpétua lúceat eis.” And Lyse pauses.
Alizebeth Amalath > “Blessings upon all of you, sons and daughters of Amarr.  Blessings upon God’s Chosen and the reclaimed.  Blessings to all the faithful.  Special blessings to those in Providence that take the time to be with us remotely.”
Alizebeth Amalath > “Blessings to all of our friends who came from far and wide to be here to honor an amazing woman, her Majesty.  To see so many of you”  Alizebeth chokes up a bit. “is truly lifting to see.”
Alizebeth Amalath > /emote takes a deep breath.“Dearly beloved, children of God, please bow your head for our opening prayer as we come together to honor and remember our Empress, Jamyl Sarum I.”
Alizebeth Amalath > “God of All, maker of the heavens and all the planets, the stars and moons, lord of all things visible and invisible, we, your chosen and reclaimed come to you with a heavy and sad heart to offer up our prayers and blessings upon”
Alizebeth Amalath > “Your anointed daughter, Your gift to us, Empress Jamyl Sarum I. A perfect servant of Your will, a righteous woman, she died as she lived, in the Glory of Your Holy Light.”
Alizebeth Amalath > “We put our trust in you, God, that all things will happen according to your will, that she is even now in Your wondrous presence. We, her faithful and loyal subjects come now to pray for her that you show her special favour due her station and deeds.”
Alizebeth Amalath > “And all of God’s people say.”
Kerri Kane > Amen.
Fredo Nadd > amen
Alizebeth Amalath > /emote takes another breath; tears well in her eyes, but do not fall.
Alizebeth Amalath > “I will not hesitate when the test of Faith finds me, for only the strongest conviction will open the gates of paradise. My Faith in you is absolute; my sword is Yours, My God, and Your will guides me now and for all eternity.”
Alizebeth Amalath > “The Scriptures, Prophet Kuria, Paladin’s Creed”
Alizebeth Amalath > “In all the Scriptures, there is not a better verse that describes her Majesty. Empress Jamyl lived and died without fear, secure in the knowledge that God’s Will guided her. Her people saw this in her and we loved her for it.”                              Alizebeth Amalath > “We loved her, because she inspired us to be better than we were. An Empress, a woman without peer, one so beloved by God that she was set aside for great things, she was the best of us. And now that she is gone, we all feel sadness.”
Alizebeth Amalath > “We may take comfort in knowing that it is God’s plan, but we will still feel her loss keenly.”
Alizebeth Amalath > “Empress Jamyl was a very popular heir. So popular that her supporters were outraged at the loss of the succession trials. So outraged that they even tried to stage a coup to put her on the throne instead of Emperor Doriam II.”          Alizebeth Amalath > “But this too was in accordance with God’s plan. It was Empress Jamyl’s test of faith. ‘For whosoever shall lay his life down for his Lord, he shall be taken into the arms of God and forever consecrated will he be.’ ”
Shaddam Daphiti > Amen
Fredo Nadd > amen                                                                                                                                                                            Alizebeth Amalath > “Given a choice between taking the throne for selfish reasons, or obeying the edicts of God, our beloved Empress chose to obey God, prevented a civil war and died.”
Alizebeth Amalath > “That was not the end of God’s plan for her. Her faith tested and found worthy, God sent her back to us. Heralded by the Bright Star, the Empress returned to us in our darkest hour since 23216 at least and maybe even further than that.”
Alizebeth Amalath > “The Empire was ruled by a blooder heretic. The very foundations of the Empire were crumbling. There was no Emperor to guide us. The Minmatar were in our home systems in a brutal surprise attack.”
Alizebeth Amalath > “God sent Empress Jamyl to us so that she could do what we could not. She saved us.  Right here, where we are right now, she returned in glory.”
Alizebeth Amalath > “In our gratitude, we gave her the throne that she had turned down earlier and she made the Empire strong again. New cutting edge ships were launched; the Navy is proud; capsuleers swore loyalty to her and Empire.”
Alizebeth Amalath > “We have started to reunite with our Khanid brethren. All of this is because of Empress Jamyl. She did what we could not. She was our saviour.”
Alizebeth Amalath > “Months ago, another star appeared in the night’s sky, all across New Eden. Like the Bright Star, it too defies all explanation from what we know of the laws of physics. Caroline’s Star heralded the return of God’s servant to Him.”
Alizebeth Amalath > “I do not know for sure if the Empress knew that her time with us was coming to a close, but I believe that she did.”
Shaddam Daphiti > Amen
Alizebeth Amalath > “Her appearances to us, urging us to fight the Drifters, the new Abaddon, all of it was a frantic attempt to help” Alizebeth chokes up a bit and pauses briefly before continuing* “prepare us for her passing.”
Alizebeth Amalath > /emote chokes down a sob and wipes the tears from her eyes. “Your majesty, how truly great are you.”
Kerri Kane > Amen!
Alizebeth Amalath > “She was our saviour, but there comes a time when we must save ourselves. This threat, these Drifters, they are not Minmatar fleets easily destroyed in a single shot; they are so much more dangerous.”
Alizebeth Amalath > “To defeat them will take all of us, the Navy, capsuleers, the combined might of the Empire. But defeat them, we will. God took her back to Him, so that we might stand now!                                                                                                              Shaddam Daphiti > Amen!
Alizebeth Amalath > “So that we might stand strong and stand together now!”
Alizebeth Amalath > “God’s will. . . . But oh, how her loss is felt. We will never forget Empress Jamyl. We will never forget what she did for us, her majesty and grace. We will never forget her inspiration. We will never forget the conviction with which she served God.”
Alizebeth Amalath > “Empress, my Empress! We will never forget you. You will live on in the hearts of your faithful and loyal subjects until your return.”
Luckdragon82 > Amen!
Arista Shahni > As it has been witnessed, so it shall be written.
Morwen Lagann > Amen.
Alizebeth Amalath > “At the end of days when they descend, watch for the coming of the Ark, or within it, salvation is carried. – The Scriptures, Book II, Apocalypse 32:6 ”
Alizebeth Amalath > “One day, the Empire will need a savior again and when we cry out to God for Mercy, the Ark will come and bring back our once and future Empress, Jamyl Sarum I.”
Alizebeth Amalath > /emote takes a deep breath and pauses.  “Praefecta Nicoletta Mithra, if you would please?”
Nicoletta Mithra > /emote gives a nod. “Thank you Bishop Amalath.” There is gravity in her voice.
Fredo Nadd > the grief i feel is the grief of billions of the faithfull
Nicoletta Mithra > “All things were created by the Divine, and so the glory of our faith is inherent to us all;When thine heart shines with the Light, thou shalt know no hardship;When thine actions are in Light’s name, thou art immortal.”
Nicoletta Mithra > /emote allows for a little pause, emphasizing the gravity of the words just spoken. “The Scriptures, Book of Trials 2:1”
Nicoletta Mithra > “In this time hardship seems to encroach to us. We, who are left behind by our beloved Empress feel this keenly indeed. Death seemed to take away Jamyl Sarum from us. But let us not forget: ‘When thine actions are in Light’s name, thou art immortal.’”
Nicoletta Mithra > “So, we can rest assured: Jamyl Sarum’s actions were in the Light’s name, therefore she is truly immortal. We should follow her in this and not rest in the false security of the capsule and cloning.”
Nicoletta Mithra > “And remember: ‘When thine heart shines with the Light, thou shalt know no hardship.’ So, we can rest assured: Jamyl Sarum’s heart shines with the Light, so she knew no hardship. We should follow her in this and there will be no hardships for us.”
Nicoletta Mithra > “We need to remember this right now. They are important lessons taught to us by Scripture as well as by the actions of our most revered Empress. Through this she is with us right now and will be in all eternity.”
Nicoletta Mithra > “We can’t lose faith now. We have to carry on. Jamyl Sarum wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. The Scriptures, Book of Missions 71:21 says ‘Surround yourself with the faithful, Stand together, for there is no strength like it under the heavens.’”
Massif Blacksnake > amen
Nicoletta Mithra > “It is on us: Let us stand together and we will weather this storm. The Amarr way, with patience and dignity. For the Empress and for God!”
Luckdragon82 > Amen
Marie’ en Divalone > So Say We All!
Alizebeth Amalath > “We are gathered here at the site of our Empress’s greatest triumph. The first real invasion of the Empire in its entire history was stopped dead here and the invaders pushed out.  We will always remember that moment.”                                Alizebeth Amalath > “But that is only half the story.  Just four jumps away, floats the wreck of TES Seraph and the site of our Empress’s death.  Since the attack, I have been maintaining a prayer vigil nonstop with other faithful pilots.”
Alizebeth Amalath > “Many have visited TES Seraph to pay their respects and to pray.  More than a few have self destructed their ship and their pods.  I very much understand their feelings.  I too wish that I had died with her.”
Alizebeth Amalath > “Following the benediction I will go to Safizon and I will die with her in an act of devotion, adoration, and respect.  And then I will clone to continue the work that she would want us to do.  To continue on is what she would want.”
Alizebeth Amalath > “You are invited to come watch or participate as you wish.”
Alizebeth Amalath > “Please bow your heads for the benediction.”
Alizebeth Amalath > “May the Lord God shine His Light upon your path, in all the dark places you must walk.  May He bless you and keep you, lift up his countenance upon you, and give you peace.”
Alizebeth Amalath > “Go forth, the mass has ended.  Thanks be to God.”
Marie’ en Divalone > SO SAY WE ALL
Alizebeth Amalath > “I will see you at Safizon.”                                                                                                                              Alizebeth Amalath > “The Empress did not die alone.  Thousands, tens of thousands of her loyal servants died with her.”
Alizebeth Amalath > “Rejoice, o chosen of God for our blood fills this Valley of Death, proclaiming our sacrifice to God, and he shall raise it up for all time. – The Scriptures, Saint Junip 15:11”                                                                                                              Alizebeth Amalath > “Their families and loved ones will mourn them and we will, too, but later.”
Alizebeth Amalath > “This is the ship I was flying when she was killed.”  She pauses. “All hands that wish, abandon ship.”
Titus Horse > Witness!
Alizebeth Amalath > “God, almighty, into your loving arms, we commend the spirit of Jamyl Sarum, your annointed daughter.  Take her into Your light, to Paradise and give her peace and joy. By your light, by your will.”
Kerri Kane > Amen.
Alizebeth Amalath > “God bless.”
Tessle Aesis > Amen
Alizebeth Amalath > “Thank you all for coming to honor our Empress.  There will be another service at the Amarr Legio Basilica at 0300.  I will be in prostration until then.”
Kerri Kane > Thank you Alizebeth Amalath .


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