Dev Post: Jump Fuel Use Changes


CCP Fozzie released some information related to potential changes ear marked for the December patch. You can read the details in this dev post.

CPP Fozzie has asked for feedback in three different forum threads.

The main post thread will serve as the discussion on the planned jump changes.

The forums post on an Increase in liquid ozone required to build fuel blocks and Reduction in the volume of T2 intermediate materials are out there for players to join the conversation.

Quick Summary

  • Fuel usage goes up by 100% in all Capital Ships apart from Black Ops, which go up by 56%
  • Reduction in Jump Fatigue Cap by 20% and max red timer to 9.6 hours
  • Increase in LO doubling the amount of LO required, and increasing the Heavy Water and Isotope use for fuel blocks
  • 80% reduction in volume of Intermediate materials used in T2
  • Mention of long term goal of making major changes to the way jump fatigue works


Update: After a few hours of feedback, Fozzie has announced some further changes to the changes.

We are adding another set of tweaks to this package to bring back most of the fuel bay size benefits while preserving our key goals:

Further reduction in isotope volume by 40% (to 0.03m3)

+20% increase in jump freighter fuel bay volumes

These changes are because they “agree with one of the major points many of you are bringing forward: that the removal of the extra jumps before refueling feels too painful after a few weeks of time with the post-Lifeblood status quo.”

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  • Rhivre

    The markets responded crazy fast to the news, Isotopes & LO are at ridiculous prices

    November 16, 2017 at 9:53 PM
    • It’s probably a certain finance director with advanced knowledge, F5-ing the devblog site furiously, waiting until the microsecond the blog is posted and then buying everything in sight.

      November 17, 2017 at 2:32 AM
      • Rammel Kas Ganthrithor

        Nope it wasn’t that. But there were a lot of logistics people of coalitions currently on deployment who did. Bulk of the movement is probably attributable to opportunists.

        November 17, 2017 at 6:40 AM
        • Yeah, I’m aware of the wonders of Jabber. Scroll your userlist and I think you’ll find me in gs_isk as well. Given that this is what the channel had to say about the heavy water price spike when I asked yesterday:

          (21:03:34 PM) ganthrithor: did we run EVE out of heavy water?
          (21:03:51 PM) ganthrithor: WE DRANK IT ALL
          (21:03:52 PM) querns@laptop: i think aryth bought a bunch?

          …it didn’t seem unreasonable to imagine he might have had designs on more than one ice product. v0v

          I don’t do EVE investing because I don’t follow the devblogs and speculative rumor mills closely enough. Even idling in gs_isk, by the time I read about things the markets have usually been destroyed. I’ve never managed to get in on a market fad soon enough to make any significant amount of money.

          I don’t really care that much because I don’t play the game very seriously anymore, but I do find it a little irritating the way CCP keep throwing massive buffs and nerfs at things constantly these days. They’re changing so many things at such a pace that nobody really knows what the fuck is going on and prices on what seems like everything are careening all over the place. For someone who wants to play casually it’s a little frustrating to log in one day and find out all the things you’ve spent your last few months’ worth of limited gameplay time setting up have become a total waste of time and ISK overnight because CCP decided to make some random change or some group of absurdly rich players decided to set some market on fire. It’s starting to feel like EVE might be a Riot Games product. QUICK LETS SHAKE THE SANDBOX AGAIN SO PEOPLE WILL BUY MORE SKILL INJECTORS: TURN ALL THAT SHIT UPSIDE DOWN!

          November 17, 2017 at 8:16 AM
          • Rammel Kas Ganthrithor

            The last time they did shit like this it shook up OTEC agreements. The events leading up the the Fountain war. That was a very vibrant period for the game and gave us a lot of the best PR stories out of EVE we’ve had. Far as I see it this is the goal here. CCP’s endgame for meta. They may not ‘get’ it. But they know least as much to understand what it tends to do if they make a few “shock” changes in short sequences. So consider yourself manipulated by Fozzie. He certainly hopes you’re mad enough to do something about it.

            November 17, 2017 at 9:00 AM
          • You haven’t been playing EVE very long if you think “The Fountain War” was an exceptional time for the game. How long did the Fountain conflict last? A couple of months? I know it ultimately culminated in a terrifically-large, showpiece battle that made for good media headlines, but it wasn’t a real fight. TEST had already folded when that engagement occurred.

            The Fountain War was a chillaxed couple of months of TEST ratter ganking, nothing more. And the changes made by the game design team are not worth their cost, even if they happen to precipitate a headline-grabbing battle here or there or draw a few short-lived newcomers to the game. I don’t care if some new people try EVE for a few months if the cost is totally fucking the economy and the ship meta.

            I’m about ready to un-sub my accounts again. I re-subbed three or four months ago after an extended absence: since then I’ve managed to make a fuckload of money (at least by my own standards as someone who’s primarily interested in PvP), but I haven’t found anything to do with the ISK other than re-invest in more money-making stuff. PvP in EVE has become so boring and pointless over the past few years. It’s waaaaay too easy for people to make money (so inflicting losses on people is more trouble than it’s worth), people have no incentive to use any subcaps bigger than a cruiser (like, ever), gatecamping / interdiction opportunities are at an all-time low, and hunting ratters is easier / more boring for the attackers than ever.

            Basically, large-scale conflict has ground to a halt and small gang shit has become incredibly boring and pointless. I guess if you like fleet-sized, consensual gudfite slapfights in disposable BC and cruiser doctrines, or sitting on a blackops BS and occasionally dropping on an AFK VNI or set of mining drones is your thing, then EVE might still be appealing. But if you enjoyed small-gang PvP or bloc wars or basically anything at all other than Krabbing or shooting excavator drones, you’re probably p bored with EVE right now.

            So IDK why Fozzie would hope I’m, “mad enough to do something”– all these changes make me want to do is not bother playing EVE anymore. v0v

            November 19, 2017 at 6:45 AM
  • Lrrp

    So Ice is the new miner gold?

    November 17, 2017 at 1:46 PM