Sins of a Solar Spymaster

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63: Delivering Disaster

TMC Archives 2011-06-22

June has been a cruel month to CCP. In the sprint to push out Incarna – the controversial ‘Walking In Stations’ expansion – on June 21st, no less than four significant scandals have taken place over the course of a…

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62: The Crisis of the Northern Coalition

TMC Archives 2011-05-24

Vale of the Silent has fallen, Geminate is long-lost, Majesta Empire and RAGE (for their sake, I have helpfully eliminated no less than four periods in their alliance name) are in retreat, evacuating to Tribute,  the bastion of Morsus Mihi…

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61: In Defense of Incarna

TMC Archives 2011-04-23

I am going to write something tremendously unpopular, something which will get me accused of being a sellout (a function of my ‘free trip to Iceland’ as part of being CSM Chair, no doubt) or a CCP marketing shill. The…

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60: Deconstructing Fanfest

TMC Archives 2011-03-27

Reykjavik is a surreal binge, drowned in alcohol, broken glass, and – during Fanfest – thousands of socially awkward spaceship nerds, shouldering through the narrow streets and bumping into the ubiquitous sleek blonde eurotrash. It’s been a year and a…

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59: The Council War

TMC Archives 2011-03-17

It’s Council of Stellar Management season, and the contest for CSM6 is turning into the biggest all-out electoral slugfest yet. In New Eden, this shining example of ‘representative democracy’ is prosecuted through an election where lying, cheating, scamming, vote-buying and…

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58: The Fall of IT Alliance

TMC Archives 2011-02-26

The unthinkable has happened: our adversaries of the Great War, the core corporations which once formed Band of Brothers – the same corporations which laid the foundation of IT Alliance – have schismed, splitting apart into factions amid a storm…

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57: The Art of Nullsec War

TMC Archives 2011-01-30

Planning the conquest of a conquerable region is the rarest art in Eve Online, shrouded in more obfuscation and uninformed idiocy than even forensic counterintelligence. Only a handful of individuals at the highest level of alliance warfare have had an…

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56: Escape from Freedom

TMC Archives 2011-01-04

Alliance structure as we know it began from the primordial ooze of the first corp, the single-celled autocratic organizational lifeform, the default government of New Eden. From that exceedingly simple dictatorship a whole variety of political systems have developed over…

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55: Choice Paralysis

TMC Archives 2010-12-15

Immortality, absolute freedom, huge vistas of space and time, and no rules whatsoever; in theory, New Eden should result in overwhelming delight for those who play in this Icelandic sandbox. One of the core dogmas of modern industrialized society is…

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54: The Madness of OWN

TMC Archives 2010-11-22

It was destined to be an awkward situation. Tau Ceti Federation, the long-time owners of Deklein, were falling to an internal malaise, an ugly consequence of an overabundance of peace and security. A significant number of member corps had left…

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53: A Tripolar Galaxy

TMC Archives 2010-10-21

The political landscape of EVE is a tenuous thing at this moment. With the abrupt and total collapse of Atlas and subsequent demise of their bloc-partner, Against All Authorities, the number of functional power bloc in the game has reduced…

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52: Rise of the Independent Media

TMC Archives 2010-09-26

When CCP turned the EVE servers on back in 2003, the only source of out-of-game communication among players was the official Eve Online forums, a heavily-regulated community watched over by the CCP-sanctioned moderators. As the years went by, certain segments…

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51: Goonswarm Implodes

TMC Archives 2010-08-31

The next topic in our ‘Painful Lessons’ series hits a little closer to home; if I’m going to be writing about the catastrophic and stupid screwups that have rocked nullsec politics over the past few years, I can’t escape the…

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50: Atlas Routed

TMC Archives 2010-08-23

The essence of wisdom is learning from the mistakes of others. It’s one thing to hurt yourself and learn not to do the same thing again, it’s a far superior thing to determine what to do/not to do based off…