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PAPI’s Failure to Rationalize Defeat: A Response to Seir Luciel

Guilford Australis 2021-08-10

INN’s Seir Luciel, a line member of the former PAPI coalition, recently published an article attempting to explain the factors he believes led to The Imperium’s victory and PAPI’s defeat in World War Bee. The article includes both compliments and criticism…

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What Daedalus Can Teach Us

FroggyStorm 2021-08-10

On the morning of August 2, I was writing an Op-Ed about EVE Online. Specifically, I was addressing how I believed that the PAPI super-coalition was making a strategic move that we should recognize as wise, under the circumstances. I…

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PAPI’s Retreat Daily Report: Day 8

Gwailar 2021-08-10

INN is reporting daily on the Imperium’s reconquest of Delve, Querious, Fountain, and Period Basis. Not included in the reporting at this time is Lowsec and Highsec ganking. The Imperium continues to reinforce structures across Delve, Querious, Fountain, and Period…

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Beeitnam: Week 57

Ban Syrin 2021-08-09

Previously, this war has been referred to as “World War Bee.” Once the PAPI coalition began its retreat on August 2, 2021, members of the Imperium began referring to the conflict as Beeitnam, an allusion to the series of conflicts…

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PAPI’s Retreat Daily Report: Days 1-7

Gwailar 2021-08-09

On Monday, August 2, after their last push into the O-EIMK constellation, all members of the PAPI coalition announced the cessation of their attack on the Imperium and a general withdrawal from Imperium space. In the days since then PAPI’s…

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A Thank-You to RepSwarm, and the Line

Bill McDonough 2021-08-09

The last eighteen months have been hell. That doesn’t line up with the timeline of the war, I know. But it’s still true. Eighteen months ago was early February, 2020. It was just beginning to be apparent that humanity was…

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New World Beta – First Impressions

Elthar Nox 2021-08-08

New World is the newest MMO on the block. We take a dive into the closed beta to take a look at what all the fuss is about. As I’m writing, the Beta already had 190k players – yes, you…

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Honey-golden linings: A Response to Seir

Gray Doc 2021-08-07

Having read Seir Luciel’s most recent article entitled “Silver Linings for PAPI; Considerations for Goons,” I wanted to respond for several reasons.  First, Seir is my son and I love him. I admire him, as well: his toughness, his intellectual…

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The Unfettered Flame

Osir1s 2021-08-07

Standing firm for months, the Imperium defense of the O-EIMK constellation came to an end. On August 2, 2021, as covered by The Meta Show, PAPI began unanchoring structures and announced their withdrawal from Delve. The thirteen-month offensive by PAPI…

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Silver Linings for PAPI; Considerations for Goons

Seir Luciel 2021-08-06

It is easy to lose one’s head in the midst of war, when the violent swings of morale seem to toss one about like a small ship on choppy seas. One moment you are on the top of the world;…

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CCP backflips on the Mineral Redistribution

VanPatton 2021-08-06

It may be hard to notice, but over the past year CCP has been putting a heavy focus on rebalancing and changing up the way industry works. Changes such as T2 production cost nerfs, mineral redistribution and capital requirement changes,…

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Legacy Failscade as Rout Continues

Elthar Nox 2021-08-05

The Legacy Coalition is on the precipice of total collapse following the startling events of the 2nd of August, 2021. With the newly christened “Beeitnam War” having dramatically turned over the past few days, a number of member alliances within…

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Game Review: Infinite Fleet

Adreland Deninard 2021-08-05

Infinite Fleet is a PC sandbox space action strategy MMORPG currently in development from Pixelmatic, and it has just entered Alpha testing. The game takes place in a procedurally-generated universe where players take on a galactic threat known as The…

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Battle Report: BlackOps In The Backfield

Elthar Nox 2021-08-04

The Initiative crushed any hopes of a PAPI sneak attack during the last assault on the O-EIMK constellation. Before the first Keepstar started unanchoring, a major battle engulfed the Imperium’s last remaining systems. Critical to that fight was the clash…