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April is the new March: Final(?) Revision of Patchnotes Announces new Implant Sets, The Hunt Event

Quendan 2020-04-06

Earlier today, CCP edited its patch notes released on March 10 to include the current patch, which, breaking with tradition for a second time, occurred on a Monday. Still, we elected to give the newest revision of the March notes its…

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Robert Miller 2020-04-06

CCP turned its PLEX for Good campaign toward the COVID-19 pandemic on April 3 with an announcement by CEO Hilmar Pétursson. Previous PLEX for GOOD campaigns by the Iceland-based game maker have raised over $500,000 from players for a variety…

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Tutu’s Weekly Deals and Cool Stuff!

CaptainTutu 2020-04-03

What’s up everyone! I’m CaptainTutu, and if you’re familiar with our talk show here on INN called Cartridge 2 Cloud then you’re familiar with this segment, but to everyone else — Welcome to Tutu’s Weekly Deals and Cool Stuff! Every…

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Deep Dive: The EVE Ecosystem Outlook

Calyle Morrison 2020-04-03

In an effort to maintain a constant stream of updates and open monitoring between the player base and the developers, CCP dove into their perspective, goals, and progress in their latest dev-blog The Eve Online Ecosystem Outlook. The blog opens…

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EVE: Eclipse | The Triglavian Masterstroke

JuriusDoctor 2020-04-02

As earlier reported, CCP today released the EVE: Eclipse trailer that was originally intended to come out at FanFest. This also marks the beginning of Quadrant 2 for 2020, ending the Q1 ‘Fight or Flight’ content. Before we go any…

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Eve: Eclipse Trailer Teases New Ships, Star Destruction and Story

Quendan 2020-04-02

CCP teased EVE Quadrant 2, called Eclipse, with a new trailer and devblog today. The trailer appears to show Zorya Triglav seemingly taking over, and forces emerging from a planet. The defenders battle the invading Triglavians with a Titan and…

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CCP’s Vision: The EVE Ecosystem Outlook

Calyle Morrison 2020-04-01

On Monday, March 30, CCP posted “The EVE Online Ecosystem Outlook” dev-blog in which they introduce their long term goals for EVE Online, as well as the major updates planned to achieve them. The Ecosystem Segment The dev-blog starts with…

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CCP Details Moon Goo Changes

Savvy Kneel 2020-03-30

[UPDATE: In a revision of the March 10 Patch Notes, CCP noted that the Moon Goo changes detailed below are live as of March 30.]   In February, CCP announced plans for achieving, “a healthier mineral distribution throughout New Eden.” The…

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Not So Socially Distant In Space

Robert Miller 2020-03-27

My main belongs to one of the alliances that make up the Imperium. It holds space north of Delve, and is one of several groups that form a defensive shield on the western edge of the map against any invasion…

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The Merry Misadventures of John Wilkes Bluetooth – Part 1: Holing Up

Savvy Kneel 2020-03-23

As I mentioned here, I’m a newish capsuleer who had to go win Eve for a while back in 2018 due to RL circumstances, and who is now returning to the game. My favorite part of Eve has always been…

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FI.RE Coalition Doused in Detorid

RedlineXIII 2020-03-22

Around 18:15 March 22 in the system of 0IF-26, a carefully orchestrated plan was carried out that resulted in the loss of nearly half a trillion ISK by the FI.RE coalition of Legion of xXDeathXx (XIX) and RAZOR Alliance (RZR), among others….

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Interview: XyzzyYYZ , The Man with the Links

Ban Syrin 2020-03-20

XyzzyYYZ is known to lots of new members of Imperium as “The Man With the Links”.  If you type a question into Imperium’s new pilot channel, Little_bees, and he’s online, you’re almost certainly going to get a link to an…

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March Brings the Love to Lowsec

Savvy Kneel 2020-03-18

In a new post today, CCP Dopamine shared details of the upcoming “Loyalty to Lowsec” update coming to New Eden on March 24. Those who make a living in Low Security space are going to feel the love from CCP…

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EVE March Update Ticker

Calyle Morrison 2020-03-16

CCP released their regular Pulse updates. Here’s a quick peek at what was covered as well as a few additional updates. Pulse Main Points With the CSM winter summit concluded, CCP will be releasing the minutes later this month. CCP Dopamine…