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The Story Of Luna

JMoravia 2019-01-06

In recent times, INN has hosted a semi-regular column titled “Awful Loss of the Day“. Today’s installment of ALOD is actually misnamed. It is not, in fact, one day’s loss. It is the story of poor, unfortunate Luna Kawackuci, who,…

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Should I Do Industry? A Checklist

JMoravia 2019-01-05

Industry in EVE Online is a weird way of making money. The first reason is that in a game about internet spaceships, industry takes place almost entirely inside of space stations. There was one period earlier this year when the…

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Space News Update—January 2019

Rhiannon Williams 2019-01-05

It’s been a busy month spacefans! I hope that you’ve all readjusted back to normality, can remember what day it is and that mince pies and prosecco are no longer acceptable for breakfast. This time we have the latest New…

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The Most Powerful Weapon In The Game

mistwarden 2019-01-02

The most powerful weapon in the game? It’s not a fleet of capital ships, it’s not a full titan fleet, it’s not the unbuildable Palatine Keepstar. It’s a simple thing called trust. You see, trust is what bonds us together….

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Fiend Dies to The Initiative in Querious

Quendan 2018-12-31

The kill last week of an Alliance Tournament ship produced volumes of interest around the Eve Universe, and a bit of controversy as the pilot and his corpmates suggested game mechanics might have failed at a critical time. At 15:14…

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Bringing Down the Imperium: Can it be Done?

Harris Grekos 2018-12-29

Okay, people, get your tinfoil hats on, warm up your neuralyzers, and prepare to take a rough trip down the rabbit hole. A quick introduction might be in order, as most things in EVE only make sense when in context….

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You shall not pass: TEST Christmas Roam Provokes Supercapital Response

Quendan 2018-12-27

At 21:00 EVE Time on December 23, a TEST Alliance Christmas roam met its end at the hands of the Imperium’s hastily summoned super capital fleet. The damage is estimated to be around 87 billion ISK, about half of which…

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Is A Massive Nerf of Delve Ratting Coming?

Bill McDonough 2018-12-24

CCP may secretly be planning to take drastic actions to nerf the Imperium’s income with a nerf of ratting activities in the Southwest of New Eden. This potential move comes as the Monthly Economic Report has once again shown Delve…

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Triumvirate Titans and Supers Down in LS

mistwarden 2018-12-23

Ten Triumvirate titans and various support ships have been destroyed in what looks to be a move op gone wrong. The fighting took place in the Uemon system in the forge region. Total losses in the engagement topped 1.1 trillion…

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Dirk Stetille 2018-12-21

At 1600 UTC on December 20, CCP took to Facebook to livestream an announcement of the dates for 2019’s CCP-supported EVE player meets. Anyone wishing to see the video can find it here, and CCP has posted a direct transcript…

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Design us a new way to Welp

mistwarden 2018-12-19

One of the most laid back and easy going squads is the Welp squad. Their approach to gameplay is to fly cheap ships with effective fittings which insure well, then head out seeking fights that often mean total destruction for themselves. Their aim…

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“Knocked Out”

Sister Bliss 2018-12-18

Leadership Update #58, 16/12/2018, “Knocked Out” A week ago we launched a surprise assault on “Hard Knocks” within the wormhole system of J115405, otherwise known as “Rage”, our target to destroy the first Keepstar citadel to have been built –…

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Breaking News: NC Finds The Undock Button

mistwarden 2018-12-17

A fight has broken out in the low sec system of Oijanen, with an early battle report indicating over 47b ISK in ships have already been destroyed.  The majority of the losses so far have been a battleship fleet, FAXes, and…