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Eve Online Investments: A Ponzi Scheme in the making?

Moomin Amatin 2019-03-02

Promises of no/low risk wealth generation within New Eden have a long and very often sordid history. To find such scams only requires that you sit in Jita for a few minutes. The form that such scams take shape is…

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The War Decs, They Are A-Changin’

Macky Avelli 2019-03-01

CCP is in an ongoing effort to make wars in EVE something that actually engages players instead of annoying them. They’d like to encourage wars that “provide entertaining conflicts,” while reducing bullshit forever-wars that potentially discourage some new players from…

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The Best Laid Plans

Shalishaska 2019-03-01

“I’m picking up a fleet on d-scan en route from the Hek gate,” Radar Operator Marcus Martin said calmly, making sure everyone on the bridge could hear him. “Three Maelstroms, six Ruptures, 10 Thrashers, and one Noctis.” He finally took…

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Bill McDonough 2019-02-26

In a new devblog released on Feb 26, CCP announced a set of changes coming to the skill training system. The changes, called “Skills on Demand”, streamline the ways players acquire (not train) most of the skills they’ll use in…

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A Path to Dominance: Pandemic Legion

JMoravia 2019-02-25

Few people would dispute that New Eden’s current leader in military and economic strength is Goonswarm Federation, but how could another group take that crown? In the series A Path to Dominance, INN examines some of the major corporations and…

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How to Ask CCP for Something – The New UI Pointer Tool

JuriusDoctor 2019-02-24

On Feb 20, CCP Karkur, Senior Software Engineer, posted a peek at a prospective new feature which is presently available to be audited on Singularity. It’s the UI Pointer Tool—designed for people who want to help newbros learn. Go check…

12 Eve Online

Renting Period Basis – At a Steep Discount

Erick Asmock 2019-02-24

Today on The Meta Show, Aryth announced Imperium plans to make Period Basis a rental region.  This confirms the speculation many have offered as the end game of the work of the last two months. In recent months, The Imperium…

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Burn Jita Terrorizes The Forge

Guilford Australis 2019-02-23

A ritualistic mass murder of freighters, jump freighters, haulers, and targets of opportunity is playing out with Shakespearean grandeur this weekend in the high-security systems surrounding Jita in the Forge. This is the work of Goonswarm Federation’s Ministry of Love…

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Burn Jita 6: A Minute of Truth

Paramemetic 2019-02-23

Oh, shucks. Jita’s burning again? So soon? That’s right!  It’s the Imperium’s annual charity ball, where thousands of bees and pubbies alike come together for one brief, beautiful second to light fireworks and share the the ministry of love for…

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Alliance Tournament XVII: A Community Introspective

Dirk Stetille 2019-02-23

On February 13, CCP Falcon posted to the Eve Online forums regarding the future of the Alliance Tournament. Many players, upon seeing that it was titled “Alliance Tournament XVII – An Update”, thought that for the first time in recent…

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CCP Cancelled The Alliance Tournament – What’s The Big Deal?

Macky Avelli 2019-02-21

As was recently reported by INN’s Gulford Australis, CCP Falcon announced that the 2019 edition of the Alliance Tournament is officially cancelled…er…”taking a hiatus”. Not happening this year. Whichever way you want to put it, something that has been going…

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EVE Devblog: Security Update – Q1 2019

Bill McDonough 2019-02-21

This Tuesday, Feb 19, Team Security released a new devblog on the subject of botting and RMT in EVE Online. The opening paragraphs summarized the state of the current efforts. In many ways, these have become almost boilerplate prose. ‘Hello,…

2 Eve Online

Alliance Tournament Winners: Where Are They Now?

JMoravia 2019-02-20

Since 2005, EVE Online’s marquee PvP experience has been the Alliance Tournament (AT). In the normally cutthroat world of EVE, where ships are ganked and corporations betrayed on a regular basis, a carefully planned tournament with rules and referees is…

7 Eve Online

The New Russian Coalition

Ketriaava 2019-02-18

In a State of the Alliance posted to Reddit on February 17, Russian groups from across the galaxy have agreed to a mutual combining of forces from numerous alliances and coalitions. Alliances Legion of xXDeathXx, RAZOR, Siberian Squads, Bright Side…