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To Legacy, with love, from INIT

Aneu 2021-03-24

We are fast approaching a year of World War Bee, the biggest and bloodiest fight to have ever occurred in EVE Online, and there is very little evidence of it slowing down.  Fountain of Glass On June 21st 2020 Imperium…

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EVE Echoes: A History of War Involving Happy Bees

Zebulon 2021-03-24

The Happy Bees Alliance is the EVE Echoes counterpart of Goonswarm and one of the largest alliances in Echoes. Many Happy Bees are current or former Goons, and it shows in our organization, values, and tenacity. The Happy Bees are…

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Folly and Hypocrisy in PAPI’s Extinction Campaign

Guilford Australis 2021-03-23

Folly and Hypocrisy in PAPI’s Extinction Campaign The union of PanFam and Legacy Coalition (PAPI) has fought The Imperium for nine months.  PAPI leaders have explained their motives in shifting and contradictory ways, with legions of their Reddit warriors furiously…

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CCP Weekly Wrap-Up: March 17-22, 2021

Undeadenemy 2021-03-23

Friendship Week 15% off Omega From now until March 30th grab a year of Omega for 15% off. That’s a pretty good deal, and if you’ve been playing for years like I have, you might as well. It’s a lot…

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World War Bee: Week 37

Ban Syrin 2021-03-22

Week 37 of World War Bee was busier than week 36, with 7 reported fights and 66 total hostile actions. Delve and the East were the busiest regions of the bunch, as structure bashes traded across the south of New Eden….

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Brave’s March SOTA: News and Analysis

Gray Doc 2021-03-22

News Dunk Dinkle, the CEO of Brave, recently held a State of the Alliance (SOTA). He updated Brave members on the alliance’s move into Querious, urged them not to get too frustrated by the losses in Catch and Impass, and…

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Brave: GE-8JV Has Fallen

Moomin Amatin 2021-03-21

On the 17th of March, 2021, the iHub in GE-8JV fell. In these unusual times,  it is hard to know the importance of such structures, as both PAPI and the Imperium have suggested that some losses like this one are…

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The Saga of Delta Sqad: Part III

Ganthrithor 2021-03-20

Welcome back, dear readers. We now return to the Saga of Delta Sqad as the men of Delta face a new existential threat in the form of their much larger and better-equipped neighbors, Severance. As we shall see, despite being…

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DevBlog: Quality of Life!

Aneu 2021-03-18

Life can be harsh in Eve Online, however, we all like a bit of quality added to that life – and sadly it hasn’t happened all that often of late. But that may be changing!  CCP has, in amazing style,…

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EVE and Geforce Now: An Opportunity for CCP

SatelliteMind 2021-03-18

CCP has recently announced a time limited test for a new service called EVE Anywhere that will allow EVE Online to be played on any browser using a cloud based service. The test is currently open to US players only….

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PAPI Holds Karmafleet IHUBs

Gwailar 2021-03-18

Two days after a large sov victory in which the Imperium captured one IHUB and reinforced several more in the Karmafleet pocket in Delve, PAPI forces have held the line in the followup battle and prevented the Imperium from flipping…

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Haulin’ Ass (and other stuff) in EVE

Theredfox 2021-03-17

If you come in as a new player to EVE and ask what to start off doing, you will probably hear things like mission running, ratting, exploration, maybe even the Abyss. However, you will seldom hear “hauling.” The business of…

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CCP Weekly Wrap-Up: March 8-15

Undeadenemy 2021-03-16

Bah weep Graaaagnah wheep ni ni bong. EVE Anywhere Enters Beta If you are in the USA, you can try out the EVE Anywhere Beta. We suppose EVE Anywhere will actually be available anywhere – at least with an internet…

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6 + 2: A World War Bee Update

Moomin Amatin 2021-03-16

In this continuing series summarizing the events of World War Bee, the never-ending story depicted in the art, we look at the meta surrounding the PAPI war of “extermination” against The Imperium. If you need a refresher of the numerous…