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53: A Tripolar Galaxy

TMC Archives 2010-10-21

The political landscape of EVE is a tenuous thing at this moment. With the abrupt and total collapse of Atlas and subsequent demise of their bloc-partner, Against All Authorities, the number of functional power bloc in the game has reduced…

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52: Rise of the Independent Media

TMC Archives 2010-09-26

When CCP turned the EVE servers on back in 2003, the only source of out-of-game communication among players was the official Eve Online forums, a heavily-regulated community watched over by the CCP-sanctioned moderators. As the years went by, certain segments…

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51: Goonswarm Implodes

TMC Archives 2010-08-31

The next topic in our ‘Painful Lessons’ series hits a little closer to home; if I’m going to be writing about the catastrophic and stupid screwups that have rocked nullsec politics over the past few years, I can’t escape the…

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50: Atlas Routed

TMC Archives 2010-08-23

The essence of wisdom is learning from the mistakes of others. It’s one thing to hurt yourself and learn not to do the same thing again, it’s a far superior thing to determine what to do/not to do based off…

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49: The Summer of Discontent

TMC Archives 2010-08-01

MMO players are notoriously hysterical creatures, even by the frightening standards of gamers. Protected by the anonymity of internet forums, even the tiniest of issues with a title is swiftly magnified into an epic, howling casus belli, one which often…

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48: New Trends in Nullsec Wars

TMC Archives 2010-07-14

We live in interesting times in New Eden; the metagame of nullsec is changing, and I don’t just mean in espionage. These are a number of long-term gameplay adjustments that are only now becoming obvious, and they will impact everyone…

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47: A Crisis of Excellence

TMC Archives 2010-06-27

There’s something recursively Orwellian about corporate slogans; even the most innocuous of them will, in time, become emblems of shame and hypocrisy. We’ve seen this recently with BP’s long-standing green marketing campaign collapsing in the face of the Gulf Oil…

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46: The Facebook Expansion

TMC Archives 2010-06-14

It’s been a few weeks since the release of Tyrannis, and I find myself continually finding excuses to delay writing a review of it. First I put it off because the entire focus of Tyrannis – its headline feature, Planetary…

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45: Advice for a New CEO

TMC Archives 2010-05-30

It’s been an interesting couple of weeks for me. I’m on the verge of retiring from law at the ripe old age of 31, leaving Washington, DC for Madison, WI, and have bought a house there in preparation for the…

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44: Expression Games and EVE Espionage

TMC Archives 2010-05-17

Espionage aficionados – regardless of if you prefer the spaceship or real-world variety – should immediately read Malcolm Gladwell’s article in this week’s New Yorker about the WWII British caper ‘Operation Mincemeat‘. Mincemeat was judged by its masterminds to be…

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43: Rethinking Profit

TMC Archives 2010-04-25

EVE is a game based upon an idealized capitalistic economy, a place where every market participant is immortal and cannot starve, where goods always work as advertised and there is no regulation whatsoever – a post-scarcity dystopia. For the vast…

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42: The Tyrannis Farce

TMC Archives 2010-04-18

We have entered that last critical phase before the release of the next major expansion in EVE, Tyrannis. Considering the chaos and hijinks that preceded the release of Dominion, Tyrannis has so far been a bit of a damp squib…

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41: Galaxy in Flames

TMC Archives 2010-03-28

Wretched peace has plagued New Eden for months, and if we are lucky that will soon come to an end. Spring is upon us, and with that a new crop of wars are just beginning to blossom across the galaxy….

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40: The Death of the Sandbox MMO

TMC Archives 2010-03-16

In the midst of the drunken binge which was the GDC, I learned a few things about the direction of the MMO industry. None of these things made me particularly happy, even though they were supposed to excite the gaming…