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31: Lessons from a Failed Invasion

TMC Archives 2009-11-01

Invasions are one of the more common events in nullsec, yet they are always the focus of intense interest, captivating the attention of the playerbase. The vast majority of invasions fail, with the aggressing alliance falling afoul of the defender’s…

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30: Dominion Preview

TMC Archives 2009-10-20

Barely over one month to go until Dominion releases, and at last – amidst the flotsam and jetsam of post-Fanfest flus, hangovers, and developer chit-chat – at last we have some hard data, real numbers, and SiSi patches to pore…

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29: Partying the Right Way at Fanfest

TMC Archives 2009-10-05

As I write this, Serious Gaming Journalists are rushing to scoop each other about the Dust 514 announcements and various changes to EVE gameplay uncovered at Fanfest 2009. In about a week we’ll be able to link to interviews, EVE-TV…

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28: Irresponsible Speculation Edition

TMC Archives 2009-09-29

I bash this out on the verge of my red-eye flight to the land of ‘people who eat rotten shark and make spaceship games’ for the 2009 EVE Fanfest – my first time attending the event. One goon helpfully offered…

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27: The Five Types of Alliance Leader

TMC Archives 2009-09-15

With the upcoming Dominion expansion’s emphasis on introducing a broader section of the playerbase to the joys of alliance life and warfare, now is a great time to examine some of the most common types of leader. In the past…

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26: The Doomsday Epitath

TMC Archives 2009-09-08

News is beginning to leak steadily about the upcoming Dominion expansion and its planned changes to the sovereignty mechanics, both from official channels like the CCP blogs, and from conversations with developers at events like PAX. Of all the radical…

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25: Unholy DUST

TMC Archives 2009-08-24

A week full of big EVE news occurred while I was away in the wilds of northern Michigan on vacation, sans internet. Nothing provides entertainment in New Eden quite like wondering what the beer-addled Devs are going to pull out…

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24: An Interview with the Rat

TMC Archives 2009-08-12

One of the most effective and long-serving agents in the GIA, Vile Rat, has done double-duty as both an agent and a diplomat in Goonswarm. Often, the lines between diplomacy and espionage blur. I’ve taken some of his time to…

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23: Senates in Space

TMC Archives 2009-08-09

One of the most poorly understood aspects of nullsec warfare is the underlying political structures which create and define an alliance. Structured well, an alliance can survive incredible stress and bounce back from defeat; structured poorly, an alliance will implode…

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22: The Seven Types of Spy

TMC Archives 2009-07-28

Espionage is without a doubt the most glamorous profession in New Eden. EVE is practically the only game where one can assume the role of a spy in an environment where intelligence gathering is necessary and makes a real impact,…

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21: Surviving a Failure Cascade

TMC Archives 2009-07-27

While a detailed theory of how alliances disintegrate may provide some academic amusement, it doesn’t offer any practical guidance, except for the rare few who find themselves in a position of leadership. Yet all alliances die; if a pilot is…

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TMC Archives 2009-07-14

Nothing in online gaming quite matches the incandescent drama of a dying alliance. It is only in EVE that player organizations routinely exceed 1000 members. If you think World of Warcraft guilds are a hotbed of infighting and ridiculous squabbles…

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19: Hacking New Eden

TMC Archives 2009-07-06

Beyond the bleeding edge of the metagame, in the whispered realms of myth, supposition and paranoia, exist the wizards of EVE: the hackers. Not a day passes in New Eden without some foul event being credited to their misdeeds. Depending…

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18: The Jihad

TMC Archives 2009-06-30

We find ourselves in the aftermath of the Second Great War, the carnage and the confusion of the routing of Band of Brothers and their vassals from Delve and Querious. The balance of power has been overturned after three years…