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Submission 2015-05-09

Black Legion’s Elo Knight is a powerhouse of alliance leadership. As if running a bloc-level nullsec alliance wasn’t enough, Elo is one of the best FCs in Eve Online. Given the level of dedication Elo has for his alliance, it…

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BREAKING – Imperium Supercapitals Tackled in KVN-36

Submission 2015-05-09

(4:28:02 PM) directorbot: MOVE OP AMBUSHED: We’re down 2 Titans and 3 supers due to an ambush on the final move op from the southwest towards the north. We have a Ishtar fleet and Harpy fleet about to arrive on…

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New Developments in Unidentified Wormholes on Singularity

TMC Archives 2015-05-08

UPDATE: The Scope has released footage broadcast from within one of the Unidentified Wormholes showing not only one of these massive structures, but also what appear to be hundreds of Drifter battleships massing in nearby space. The footage was originally…

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Nulli Secunda Supers downed by PL in Etherium Reach

TMC Archives 2015-05-05

Nulli Secunda (S2N) has lost five supercarriers to Pandemic Legion, SOLAR FLEET, and others in fighting that cost them roughly 180 billion ISK in two Etherium Reach systems. Amanda Starscream, Nulli Secunda Co-FC and Target Caller for S2N’s subcapital fleet explained to TMC…

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Ryan 2015-05-02

H1Z1 is being invaded by the Imperium, and the reaction has already exceeded expectations. If you’ve played H1Z1’s Battle Royale mode, or joined the Antidote and Batter servers, you may have come across Imperial soldiers. You might have also noticed…

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Imperium Invades H1Z1

TMC Archives 2015-05-01

On May 1st at approximately 19:45 UTC, The Mittani issued a call to arms and announced The Imperium’s official invasion of H1Z1. The Imperium will take the level of manpower and organisation found in EVE coalitions, and apply it to the sandbox…

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Turk Fezzik 2015-04-30

The world of H1Z1 is harsh and sometimes you just want a dry, safe, place to hang your tactical helmet and enjoy some quiet time with your fellow survivors. Perhaps you’d use the time to cook up some rabbit stew,…

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Svipul and Confessor: Balance Pass Overview

TMC Archives 2015-04-15

Recently introduced to the game, the Confessor and Svipul raised a lot of controversy (especially the latter one). They combine superior tanking capabilities, cruiser-like DPS and incredible mobility with 10MN afterburner on board which can be fitted with little-to-no limitations…

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GSF CEO Update: The Imperial March

Submission 2015-04-14

(Editor’s Note: Alliance Updates are aimed at internal audiences and usually are considered the gospel truth by their membership but vile propaganda by everybody else. You should definitely know this by now. Now, enjoy this update from The Mittani.) lord marshal…

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Tactical Destroyer Early Review

FroggyStorm 2015-03-30

As happens every year, CCP uses Fanfest as a means to publicize and create excitement around upcoming content plans. For example, last fall at Eve Vegas we got our first looks at the tactical destroyer plans. As the haze should…

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Annual Character Stats Now Available

Submission 2015-03-24

Three new third party developed sites using the power of the CREST API: Yearly Character Stats endpoints are now available to the public. These new endpoints were discussed at Fanfest 2015 day 1, and are being used by the following…

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Submission 2015-03-10

Rich Man’s Toy The Fer-de-Lance is another classic design that has now been in production for two centuries. The ship became famous for its popularity with top business executives and wealthy bounty hunters, being a fast, well armed vessel, with…

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The Guardians Move East to Tenerifis

TMC Archives 2015-03-08

The coalition lead by CSM member Sort Dragon, Guardians of the Galaxy, has begun its move from Querious to Tenerifis and Immensea. Under some pressure from incoming alliances Pandemic Legion, Pandemic Horde, and Northern Army, the Guardians coalition negotiated safe…

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Submission 2015-03-06

Bird of Prey The Vulture space superiority fighter sacrifices hard point flexibility for maneuverability. Advanced manufacturing techniques have allowed the Vulture to integrate large hardpoints into its relatively small frame, offsetting the ship’s limited weapon count. The Vulture excels in…