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The Anger Games II – More to Come

Moomin Amatin 2017-04-27

The first matches in the Anger Games II were completed last weekend, and the match quality was truly a sight to behold. Many of the rounds went the full distance and frequently battles were not decided until well into a…

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The Greatest Talk Shows Every Week: INN Lineup for the Easter Weekend of 15 APR 2017

MacCloud 2017-04-14

The survivors of Fanfest have recovered from the drinking ordeal of the Scandinavian culture and once more we talk about Eve Online and Gaming in general!   Open Comms Show – 01:00 UTC Dreydan Trovirr, Dirk MacGirk and the rest…

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The Greatest Talk Shows Every Week: Weekend INN Lineup of 28 Jan 2017

MacCloud 2017-01-27

We once again have a great line up of talk shows on our Channel this weekend including: Open Comms Show – Saturday 02:00 UTC (Friday night for US) Join Dirk MacGirkĀ as he and his hosts go over EVE Online,…