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The War in Catch: An Interview With Apple Pear

Dracos Rhaghar 2017-01-23

The war in Catch has been raging for almost a month now. In December, Test, Circle of Two and friends were evicted from their home in Vale of the Silent, and deployed to the South, and in January, they began an invasion of Catch. I sat down with Apple Pear, a Fleet Commander (FC) in…

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A Digital Life Fully Lived

Apostophe Noodle 2017-01-20

When I came to Eve in 2011, I did not know a single other person that played the game or even what Eve Online was really about. About the only thing I did know was that Eve is in a Sci Fi setting. I had briefly tried World of Warcraft, but quickly found it wasn’t…

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Lost in Paradise – Virtual Worlds

Erick Asmock 2017-01-19

I don’t play games like EVE, H1Z1, 7 Days to Die, or even my first real MMORPG Asheron’s Call to role play. But that doesn’t take away from spending time getting lost in the paradise created for us by game developers. The beauty they create for us often gets overlooked in comparison to the mechanics…

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The Traitors War

Moomin Amatin 2017-01-18

A name as good, if not better, as any Although there is likely to be complaints about the name used here, there are good reasons for it. There is little doubt that calling this the “Winter War” demonstrates so little imagination that it should be embarrassing to any daring to use the term, so the following…

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EVE Entreprenuership: Press On or Move On?

Londala Pox 2017-01-18

Fast Times in EVE Online One of the most interesting aspects of EVE is how your adversary one day can become your friend the next. The landscape outside of Empire-controlled space is always changing as alliances vie for control. Pirates work with and against each other in all parts of space. Personally, a once small…

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With New Staging Secure, TEST Set Eyes on Impass

Sophia 'Alizabeth' S 2017-01-17

TESCO has completed their conquest of Stainwagon’s staging system in Catch of V-3YG7.  They had previously flipped the I-Hub, but finished securing the rest of the system today.  With their new forward staging fully secure, they now look to be going to Impass. TESCO fleet commander Vily put this update to the coalition after securing…

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Just Desserts: An Alpha’s First Taste of Victory

Suthorn 2017-01-15

DATE: 2017.01.06 @ 22:00 LOCATION: J130343 W-Space The corporation has been on high alert the last two weeks. We had company, of the worst kind. It wasn’t entirely a new thing for Apotheosis when one of our members lost a Paladin. Word around the Fortizar was that it had happened before (and would again). What…

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Vulxanis Viceroy 2017-01-14

In an historic moment, Goonswarm Federation became the very first alliance in EVE’s history to reach the kill count of 1,000,000. One of the oldest alliances in the game, Goonswarm Federation boasts the largest character count in EVE for a single alliance of over 20,000. Goonswarm suffered an eviction from their territories to the northern regions during…

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War Rages in Catch

Thel Ancora 2017-01-13

The Stain Fraggin Coalition has been making large advances in Catch as part of their plan to take new space in the south. The past few days saw several brawls totaling over a hundred billion ISK lost on both sides. Both the Imperium and Test Alliance Please Ignore lost a Titan minutes apart—a Ragnorak and…

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Volume 1: Alpaca to Omega

Quints 2017-01-12

Being a casual gamer throughout my childhood, I’ve found myself continuously growing into games which provide a deeper sense of content. Beginning on consoles, my introduction to the culture of PC gaming was shocking to say the least. As I moved through my teens, I began to ask more of my experiences as a gamer….

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TEST, Imperium Trade Titans in Catch

Bill McDonough 2017-01-11

CATCH: The system of 36N-HZ saw action in the early morning hours of January 11 as TEST and the Imperium traded killmails for shield titans. The fighting surrounding the exchange saw the arrival of fleets from many of the participants in the war, as well as more distant entities like NCdot and Pandemic Legion. The…

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Latency Issues Prompt Rollback of 119.1 Patch

Robby Kasparic 2017-01-10

On Tuesday January 10, the YC119.1 Patch was deployed to Tranquility during the normal server downtime. The patch contained several small gameplay changes neatly summarized here. Despite the smooth deployment of the patch, Tranquility began to experience issues after being brought back up after the normal downtime window. A thread on Reddit started by Haro_Mr_Jakku…

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YC119.1 Patch Notes

Lekly 2017-01-10

On January 6, CCP released the patch notes that will take effect on Tuesday January 10 at downtime. As with many of these patches, the majority of the changes are minor fixes to bugs that don’t effect the majority of players.  However, there tends to be one or two changes that can shake things up….

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Goonhammer 20K: 2017 Dawns on Largest Player Org Ever

Bill McDonough 2017-01-09

As 2017 begins, Goonswarm Federation faces the new year in a unique position. With over 21,000 members, the high-profile EVE Alliance is unquestionably the largest player organization or ‘guild’ in gaming history. By comparison, Currently Online, the largest organization in World of Warcraft’s industry-dominating 12+ million player history, claims just under 10,000 active members. This…